Home Events 🌳🍃Green Cruise For Green Earth – Let’s #Challengeforchange With Saigon Princess!🌳

🌳🍃Green Cruise For Green Earth – Let’s #Challengeforchange With Saigon Princess!🌳

Did you know?
- EVERYDAY we expose nearly 18,000 TONS of PLASTIC WASTE - of which about 0.28 - 0.73 MILLION TONS are discharged directly into the AQUATIC environment.
- Environment pollution is also caused by engine emissions such as CO2, CO and even heavy metal molecule which is harmful to the human health.

31/03/2019 - 14/04/2019 19:00 - 21:30


✨Being aware of the significance of protecting the environment, #SaigonPrincess has always been applying the green procedure from design to operation.✨

+ As one of the leading cruise of ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION in Saigon River, Saigon Princess is using the R.O water filter system. Heavy metal molecule and harmful bacteria are completely removed through the R.O system, resulting in the fresh water stored on our cruise.
+ All used water must undergo a sludge & waste filtration system before being discharged into the river, ensuring the water’s hygiene so as not to harm the environment.
+ SAIGON PRINCESS says NO to PLASTIC BOTTLES and minimizes PLASTIC products, to be completely GREEN with the environment.



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Awarded GREEN Company | No plastic straw | No plastic bottles | Food waste Management


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