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The pride of the Vietnamese people

The pride of the Vietnamese people

by Saigon Princess

06/12/2018 10:46

⚓ Saigon Princess is one of the ships that meet international standards in terms of technology, vibration, noise and quality of passenger service among the ships of Viet Princess Cruises Co., Ltd. We have a team of experts and technical staff have years of experience in building ships on the Mekong River. Viet Princess Cruises is proud to be both an investor and a designer, we are ship builder and overseeing the entire shipbuilding process as well as the operator of the ship.

⚓ Having experts and technical staffs that have long year experience in building plenty of cruises on the Mekong, Saigon Princess Cruise is the 14th ship built entirely by our company on order of the People's Committee of Da Nang City.

⚓ The yatch launched in April 2017 and moved to Da Nang to serve tourists during the International Fireworks Festival before mooring and operating on the Saigon River. Therefore, Saigon Princess is a ship built to be able to travel both on the sea and on rivers

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