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Father's Day

Father's Day

by Saigon Princess

16/06/2019 10:46

👨 From the day I was a baby "Dad" was the first call of every child next to “Mom”, the sound of the resounding when being bullied, or when I was disturbed by mother, the cry was like searching for "allies" of the prize,rescued, and also a crouch when I want a robot, super cool car or iridescent blonde doll.

👨 A little big, the age of moisture is difficult to raise, there are times when I want to get out of that safe embrace to affirm that I am impatient, the patience and the toughness, help me not to be wrong.

...... And ...... 
There are days only in memory. The #childhood world could not be peaceful without "Heroes", the path I would take would be even harder if there was no guide.
👨 Today when facing difficulties, I will not be like when I was a child waiting for "Heroes" to rescue, it was time for him to retire, be assured and proud of the world that he had tried so hard to protect.
❤ In everyone's heart there is always such a hero, do you have #memorieswith your "superhero" that makes you remember forever ..?! Please share with Saigon Princess about the special meal you want for your Hero, we will help you prepare a wonderful dinner as a thank you to Father's Day this weekend.

You just need to choose us, let us do the rest 💝


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