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Enjoy the romantic east wind on the Saigon river

Enjoy the romantic east wind on the Saigon river

by Binh Blue


20/12/2017 16:45

Many of my friends say they are jealous of Da Lat and Hanoi because of the cold winter. The feeling of cold will cause the hands to knit together more, longer, people closer together. The bustle of the city, the cool breeze blowing through the hair, the melodious ear of music, the new cuisine in the luxurious space full of art ... that is the feeling that Saigon Princess five star cruise back to his guests.

At present, Saigon has many types of dinner cruises on the river, but this is the first time there is a presence of a five star fine dining cruise - Saigon Princess Crusie. This luxury yacht has been officially operated for more than a month but has become a bright star at Saigon Port in the past.

The train will pick you up at the port from 6:30 pm and depart at 7pm. With the class criteria, luxury, the train has two mini cars to receive guests operating continuously from the customs door to the door of the ship. As soon as you have booked, the staff will be on hand to guide you through the procedure for a pleasant journey from the first minute you board the ship.

Departing from Nha Rong Marina every evening, Saigon Princess will take visitors along the Saigon River to Thanh Da - Binh Quoi. Standing on the top floor of the ship, watching everything move slowly and leaving the harbor, everyone was excited to find a new way to experience an exciting river cruise city.

Unlike cruise ships on the Saigon River, Saigon Princess is a medium-range ocean-going vessel that can run on the sea and can operate on the river. Launched in April 2017, Saigon Princess was honored to participate in Da Nang International Fireworks Festival. Saigon Princess is invested $ 3 million with modern furniture but classic European style. The ship has 4 floors. Lower deck for crew, chef and service staff. The main deck is a place for meeting and dining. The top deck (sun deck) offers guests a new experience: the daytime can be a sunbathing area and enjoy the tranquil space of the Saigon River, evenings can be dance floor, music stage or fashion.

Of course, that is not all that the five-star yacht is good for many travelers. By entering luxury space, designed to be accurate to centimeters. All interior designs on the ship are handcrafted and are created by Vietnamese artists, designers and painters in harmony with high-end furniture imported from Europe.

Mr. Giang Hoang Hai, the managing director of the five-star Yacht Charter unit, said he wanted to make Saigon Princess a popular place to be on the river. This yacht, in addition to being designed according to the 5 star restaurant standard, is also equipped with sound systems, bookshelves and dedicated projectors for meetings, meetings or exchanges for one set. The unit would like to have a quiet, private space ... or private nature with serving up to more than 100 people. On this ship always has a special performance art, carefully selected to serve diners. Mr. Hai said, the company always aims at good service attitude so that when guests come to enjoy everything, they themselves will be really satisfied about everything, comfortable as at home.

What a lot of ladies, ladies immersed in this boat is the space filled with fresh flowers are placed delicate to honor the luxury and warmth of the "swimming pool".

Chefs at Saigon Princess chefs have been working for many years on 5-star European yachts headed by Chef and Culinary Director. Therefore, the menu of the restaurant is rich by the combination of Asian and Western cuisine.

You will be surprised to know that at less than $2,000,000 VND, you have a delicious dinner for two with Cocktail. You are wondering why this yacht is so "comfortable" price in the class space?

Director of Customer Service, Mr. Eric Christophe, a Frenchman with more than 30 years of experience in 5 star yacht services and 5 years living in Vietnam and Cambodia, said: "We focus on good service and standards. By doing so, Saigon Princess creates more opportunities for customers to enjoy the new experience on the yacht, then raise the price to fit the international 5 star standard will apply when Every guest here feels worthy of the cost they have spent ... "

The appearance of Saigon Princess gives visitors a new choice, a new experience. I am sure you will have a cold winter but also shimmering color with unforgettable memories. Looking at the city along the river for two hours, with many works are every day innovation, everyone must utter astonishment to surprise and more love this place. You will have an evening of complete enjoyment without being disturbed or disturbed by the noise of the city. So feel free to enjoy the fairy space as in the dream with the next person nhé!

It is known that the company exploits and operates Saigon Princess has many years experience in the business of luxury river products. The company has two yachts running the route Siem Reap - Siem Reap 8 days 7 nights. Saigon Princess is the third yacht company to own and operate. A fourth yacht will launch in mid-2018.


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